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Summary of Results of the Symposium on Intellectual Property Cooperation between Japan and China

December 15, 2008
Japan Patent Office

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) held the Symposium on Intellectual Property Cooperation between Japan and China on December 9, 2008 in cooperation with the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China (SIPO) in celebration of the thirty-year program for exchanging patent-related officials of the governments of Japan and China. The Offices also took advantage of the opportunity to inform the public that the cooperation between Japan and China had been deepened not only between both governments but also between public and private sectors.


The year 2008 is the 30th anniversary of the program to exchange patent-related government officials of Japan and China. The private sector of Japan has simultaneously accepted trainees from the government of China since about the same year as that of the start of the exchanges between the governments of the two countries. Currently, the public and private sectors of Japan collaborate with the Japanese government and dispatch missions to China to negotiate with the government of China. At the 30th anniversary Symposium, speeches were given by the representatives of Japan and China concerning the progress of the IP systems based on the cooperation between the two countries and the IP situation in China. The cooperation between the public and private sectors and governments in the IP exchanges between Japan and China has contributed to the development of the IP systems in both countries.

2. Summary

There were nearly 210 participants at the event, including IP experts in enterprises, lawyers, and patent attorneys.

Presentations were given concerning the future cooperation between two countries and the current situation of IP in China.

Title: Symposium on IP Cooperation between Japan and China
~for the 30th anniversary of the IP Cooperation between Japan and China~

Organizer: Japan Patent Office (JPO), the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China (SIPO)

Co-organizer: Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Date/venue: December 9, 2008 (Tue.)/ ANA INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL TOKYO

Japanese Representatives (Order of speeches)

  • Mr. Takashi SUZUKI, Commissioner, JPO
  • Mr. Jun NAKAJIMA, Chairman, Japan Patent Attorneys Association
  • Mr. Satoshi NAKAJIMA, Lawyer/Patent Attorney, Satoshi NAKAJIMA Law and Patent Office(Panel Discussion Coordinator)
  • Mr. Koichi MINAMI, Deputy Commissioner, JPO

Chinese representatives (Order of Speeches)

  • Mr. TIAN Lipu, Commissioner, SIPO
  • Mr. HU Zuochao, Secretary General, Patent Protection Association of China
  • Ms. LI Jianrong, Secretary General, All-China Patent Agents Association
  • Mr. WU Xiaoming, Deputy Director General, Protection and Coordination Department, SIPO
  • Mr. JIANG Danming, Director, Legal Affairs Department, SIPO
  • Ms. WANG Xiaohui, Deputy Director General, International Cooperation Department, SIPO

Summary of Results of the Symposium on Intellectual Property Cooperation between Japan and China

3. Summary of Results

  • ⅰ)At the opening of the event, Commissioner SUZUKI commented on the cooperation between both Offices in human resources development, IP system automation, and the promotion of innovation. Commissioner TIAN commented on the importance of IP rights in the economic development of China and the necessity of mutually-beneficial cooperation activities between both countries.
  • ⅱ)Chairman NOMAKUCHI emphasized the importance of exchanges of government officials, exchanges of private sector employees, and exchanges of representatives of the public and private sectors. Secretary General HU commented on the expectations that the cooperation is strengthened in the area of management of IP rights between enterprises in both countries. Chairman NAKAJIMA and Secretary General LI introduced the current situation of exchanges in the private sectors promoted by the patent attorneys associations of both countries.
  • ⅲ)In a later panel discussion, Chairman NOMAKUCHI expressed the expectation that an application filed in English would be accepted in China. Secretary General LI commented on the necessity of measures to improve the level of patent attorneys.
  • ⅳ)Deputy Director General WO of the Protection and Coordination Department, which is a new department of SIPO, explained the current measures being taken to improve the legal system and the law enforcement system of China under the National Intellectual Property Strategy of China. Director JIANG explained the revision of the Patent Law and of the Implementation Regulations of the Patent Law in which Japanese industry has great interest, and his presentation was well received.
  • ⅴ)Deputy Commissioner MINAMI mentioned that the mutual utilization of search and examination results among Patent Offices promotes the granting of stable rights and will eventually contribute to users, too. Deputy Director General WANG introduced the approaches of both Offices to developing human resources and their exchanges in the field of automation.

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