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Celebrating World IP Day 2020

image:Illustration of 2020 World IP Day

Introduction on World IP Day

On every April 26, we celebrate World Intellectual Property (IP) Day, which was established in 2000 by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). April 26 is the date on which the Convention Establishing the WIPO entered into force in 1970. Ever since 2001, World IP Day is observed by holding a variety of events and activities worldwide to increase people’s awareness and understanding of the important role that IP rights play in promoting innovations. This year 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the World IP Day, public awareness raising activities will be held in many parts of the world under the concept of “Innovate for a Green Future”.

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) in celebrating World IP Day 2020 is highlighting the contributions it has made to the WIPO, emphasizing the cooperative relationship between the JPO and the WIPO.

WIPO Website: World Intellectual Property Day (External link)

Contribution to WIPO under the Support of Japan Funds-in-Trust

The JPO, through a wide variety of cooperative initiatives, has enhanced its cooperative relationship with the WIPO over the years. Since 1987, Japan has made voluntary contributions each year to the WIPO, and based on these contributions, the Japan Funds-in-Trust at the WIPO (the Japan Funds) has been set up. Making effective use of the Japan Funds, Japan has implemented a variety of assistance activities for developing countries in Asia and Africa. This includes welcoming more than 1,800 trainees since 1996 from 61 countries among 4 regions of the world, holding various workshops and seminars, sending more than 400 of its own experts to 38 countries since 1987, and supporting the computerizing and upgrading of the IT infrastructure at other IP offices.

Cooperation with WIPO Japan Office

The WIPO Japan Office (WJO) (External link) was established in 2006 as an external office of the WIPO. The WJO conducts public awareness of the IP system in Japan, collaborates with the Japanese government and the courts, and disseminates the international application and registration systems. In addition, the WJO contributes to the SDGs such as WIPO GREEN (External link) and WIPO Re:Search (External link) to address global issues, conducts cooperation with developing countries including IP Advantage (External link) under the Japan Funds, and conducts research studies for promoting utilization of the IP system.

Furthermore, in disseminating the IP system and international application and registration systems, the WJO conducts seminars and makes individual visits to users, as well as provides various information and support to users in Japanese.

Through these public awareness campaigns, initiatives on global issues, and assistant activities using the Japan Funds, the JPO has been advancing its cooperative relationship with the WJO.

photo:Making of a video promoting public awareness on IP under the Japan Funds
Making of a video promoting public awareness on IP under the Japan Funds

Contact information for the WIPO Japan Office (External link)

WIPO Japan Office Website: World IP Day (External link)

Participation in WIPO GREEN as a Partner

WIPO GREEN was established by WIPO in 2013 to give a boost to the spread of green technologies. The activities of WIPO GREEN focus on encouraging the utilization of green technologies by promoting business matchmaking between the providers and users, utilizing the databases, and holding events. More than 3,600 technologies are stored in the database, and over 1,400 users are registered.

image:WIPO GREEN icon

On February 19, 2020, the JPO participated in WIPO GREEN as a partner. Going forward, the JPO will further deepen the cooperative relationship with WIPO, actively support activities of WIPO GREEN, work on disseminating environmental technologies, as well as promote improvement of IP systems in developing countries and international globalization of IP systems.

News Releases: JPO Facilitates the Spread of Green Technologies in the World (External link)

JPO Website: Collaboration with WIPO GREEN

WIPO Website: WIPO GREEN (External link)

photo:Signing Ceremony of WIPO GREEN Partnership Agreement
Signing Ceremony of WIPO GREEN Partnership Agreement

[Last updated 8 May 2020]

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