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Japan Patent Office Annual Report 2011

The Japan Patent Office Annual Report 2011 has been published to provide other countries and regions with information on patent administration in Japan. The English version of the Japan Patent Office Annual Report 2011 contains information extracted from the Japanese version, regarding JPO policies and statistical data.

Outline of the Annual Report 2011

The Japan Patent Office Annual Report 2011 consists of five parts. The first four parts are concerned with JPO policies. In the fifth part, statistical data is displayed.

Cover (PDF:155KB)

A-RI-GA-TO Thank you (PDF:106KB)

Preface (PDF:23KB)

Table of Contents (PDF:137KB)

Acronyms (PDF:16KB)

Part 1 Trends in Industrial Property Rights (PDF:2,982KB)

Chapter 1 Current status of Application and Registration and Current Status of Examination and Appeals/Trials at Home and Abroad

  1. Patents
  2. Utility Models
  3. Designs
  4. Trademarks
  5. Appeals and Trials

Part 2 Government Efforts in Intellectual Property Activities (PDF:3,144KB)

Chapter 1 Efforts Undertaken for Intellectual Property

  1. Current Status of Intellectual Property Strategies in Recent Years

Chapter 2 Efforts Related to Patents

  1. Speeding Up Patent Examination
  2. Efforts to Maintain and Improve the Quality of Patent Examination
  3. Efforts to Ensure that Patent Examinations Meet the Needs of Applicants
  4. Promotion of International Cooperation including PPH

Chapter 3 Efforts Related to Designs

  1. Clarification of the Details in Determining Design Examinations
  2. Provision of Design-related Information
  3. Accelerated Examination for Anti-Counterfeiting Measures

Chapter 4 Efforts Related to Trademarks

  1. Implementation of Accelerated Examination Based on Applicants' Needs
  2. Efforts involving Regionally Based Collective Trademarks

Chapter 5 Efforts Related to Appeals and Trials

  1. Efforts to Improve the Quality of Proceedings
  2. Efforts for Expeditious Proceedings
  3. Efforts to Reform the Structure of Appeals in the Patent System
  4. Improvement of Customer Service

Chapter 6 Efforts for the Enhanced Use of Information Technology

  1. Efforts to enhance the use of IT by the JPO
  2. Efforts involving Global Computerization

Chapter 7 Legal Amendments in 2011

  1. Partial Amendment of the Patent Act, etc.

Chapter 8 JPO's Response to Occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake

  1. Special Measures
  2. Consultation System/Provision of Information

Part 3 Measures for Supporting Private Companies and Universities (PDF:1,713KB)

Chapter 1 Support for SMEs

  1. Comprehensive Support Measures for SMEs
  2. Regional Support Frameworks

Chapter 2 Support for Universities

  1. Current Circumstances of Intellectual Property Activities at Universities
  2. . Efforts to Support the IP Activities at Universities

Chapter 3 Support for Patent Utilization

  1. Promoting Patent Licensing
  2. Promoting Rights Acquisition through Advanced Use of IP Information

Chapter 4 Support Concerning Industrial Property Information

  1. Promotion of Provision of Industrial Property Information

Chapter 5 Development of Human Resources Related to Intellectual Property

  1. Enhancing of Diversity of IP Human Resources and IP Awareness
  2. Development of IP-specialized Human Resources

Part 4 International Trends and Efforts (PDF:1,481KB)

Chapter 1 International Trends and Efforts Relating to Patents

  1. Patent Applications Filed with the JPO by Foreign Applicants
  2. Patent Registration by Foreign Applicants in Japan
  3. Small Group Forums on Patent Field

Chapter 2 International Trends and Efforts Relating to Designs

  1. Design Applications Filed with the JPO by Foreign Applicants
  2. Bilateral Efforts

Chapter 3 International Trends and Efforts Relating to Trademarks

  1. Applications for Trademark Registration Filed with the JPO by Foreign Applicants
  2. Trends of Applications for International Registration under the Madrid Protocol
  3. Bilateral Efforts
  4. International Trends and Multilateral Efforts

Chapter 4 International Efforts to Protect Intellectual Property

  1. Cooperation with Other Countries
  2. Efforts for Developing IP Systems in Developing Countries
  3. Countermeasures against Counterfeiting Products

Part 5 Statistical Data (PDF:946KB)

Back Cover (PDF:122KB)

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