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The JPO invites companies and organizations to participate in our opinion exchange!
- Let us know your questions, comments, suggestions, and concerns on Intellectual property (IP) -


Patents, designs, trademarks, and other IP are indispensable to carry on business. However, many of you might have questions like these:

  • Why do patents, designs, and trademarks matter in the first place?
  • How can we learn more about the examination process?
  • Which of the supportive measures fits our needs for an early acquisition of rights in Japan and abroad?

In order to provide information on the IP rights system and the JPO measures, as well as to directly capture the user's voice, we have been conducting opinion exchange meetings at the practitioner level with individual companies and industry groups.

We are now inviting companies and other organizations to exchange opinions with us, aiming to let more users become familiar with the JPO and the IP rights system. Your questions, suggestions, and concerns are vital for us to serve our users better.

Opinion Exchange Meeting


In the opinion exchange meeting, you can share your questions and requests directly with the JPO staff, according to your needs and preferences. We will introduce you to the JPO's measures, statistical data on application and examination, and other information that can be helpful to your business activities.

Feedback from participating companies

  • “I found the information provided useful, and I learned about the JPO measures that I was not aware of. I would like to see this kind of opportunity implemented on a regular basis.”
  • “I had no idea that the JPO offers such a wide range of measures and support. I would like to use their service in the future.”
  • “The statistical data offered by the JPO staff was something I had never seen before, and it gave me a chance to review the operations of the IP department.”
  • “I see opinion exchange meetings like this one as a good opportunity to take another step up in our company's IP capabilities. I hope to continue such opinion exchanges with the JPO.”

Eligibility for Submission

The opinion exchange meetings are open to corporations, industry associations, universities, public research institutions, and other legal entities.

Conference Platform

Meetings will take place in a video-conference format.

Video-conference Tools

Microsoft Teams will be used as the online video conferencing tool.

  • * If Microsoft Teams is not available for you, contact us for other options including Cisco Webex.
  • * Please note that we cannot guarantee all the operating conditions for online sessions. Depending on your Internet environment and the type of computer you are using, you may experience connection problems.

Submission of a Meeting Request

Please fill out the Meeting Request Form (external link) with the information below. We recommend that you submit your request two months prior to your preferred meeting date. This will allow us to have enough time to understand your needs to have a focused discussion during our meeting. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

* No fee is required to submit a request or to attend an opinion exchange.

  • Subject: Request for opinion exchange with the JPO
  • Please fill in (1) to (8) below in the "Contents" column.
    • (1) Company/Organization Name
    • (2) Primary Contact Name
    • (3) Primary Contact Position Title and Department
    • (4) Primary Contact Business Phone
    • (5) Primary Contact Business E-mail
    • (6) Preference for the Online Tool (Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex)
    • (7) Preference for Date
      e.g. Around October
    • (8) Topics
      We would like to exchange opinions on patent prosecution in the field of XXX technology.
      We want to know about IP systems and its operations related to XXX.
  • * If you have a preference for a particular examination department or section, please provide the details of the department or section.
  • * The contents of applications pending before the JPO are outside the scope of the opinion exchange. Use the interview examination as necessary.

Meeting Request Form (external link)

Next Steps after Submission

All meeting requests are reviewed, and you will be referred to a JPO staff member suitable for your needs. They will contact you through email to coordinate the date and time of the meeting and the contents of the discussion.

* Please understand that we may not be able to accommodate all requests depending on the time and demand.

[Last updated 24 October 2023]

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