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F-term revision information

November 2021

The JPO reviews F-terms (*) in order to see whether it can be improved or corrected on a constant basis, and, as a result, revisions are made every year of F-terms, including the development of new lists of F-terms, so as to catch up the technological progress in several technical areas (i.e., “themes”).

Once new lists of F-term are created, new F-terms are assigned to the patent documents to which relevant (old) F-terms have already been assigned, which is called "reassignment" to the backlogs, as well as to newly filed patent applications. Note that, in some cases, such reassignment requires several years to complete and therefore, it may be necessary to use both old and new F-terms for prior art searches until the reassignment is completed.

You can retrieve the lists of themes for which F-term revision is planned and those for which reassignment of F-terms is planned and/or ongoing below.

* F-terms are JPO's original search keys that cover multiple aspects (e.g., purpose, use, structure, material, manufacturing method, processing and operational method, and means of control) prepared for a relevant technical area ("theme").

F-term revision: themes for which F-term revision is planned in FY2021. (PDF:3KB)

Reassignment: themes for which reassignment of F-terms is planned/ongoing in FY2021.(PDF:224KB)

[Last updated 1 November 2021]

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