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3.Management of Submission of Information

(1)Confirmation of the Submission of Information

Anyone of the public may confirm whether Information was submitted or not, and what Information has been submitted in in Japan Platform for Patent Information (J-PlatPat) (https://www.j-platpat.inpit.go.jp/web/all/top/BTmTopPage( External link ))

How to Confirm

  •  i In the column of reference number of "Progress Information Retrieval," specify which one of the four industrial laws is relevant and enter the application number, etc.
  •  ii Within the basic retrieved items shown for queries, click the button of Application Information.
  •  iii If Information has been submitted, in the column Examination Record, for example, result of query such as Submission of Publication, etc.:Date of Submission [_________], Date of Reception [_______], Date of Preparation of Document [_______]. will be shown.

(2)Notification of Submission of Information to Applicant for Patent or Rightholder

Japan Patent Office will serve the notification to the effect that Information has been submitted to an applicant of patent or Rightholder.

(3)Other Remarks (Opportunity of Clarification and Meeting Examiner, etc.)

Information Submitter to submit information before grant of patent will not become the party in interest to the examination of patent application, Information Submitter will not be given opportunity to meet the examiner to explain the submitted information nor to be heard the patentability of the patent for which such information is submitted, etc.

[Last updated 7 April 2017]

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