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APPEALS DEPARTMENT-Field Outline of the Section

APPEALS DEPARTMENT-Field Outline of the Section
SectionOutline of the SectionSubsection

The 1st Board of Trial and Appeal (Measurement)

General measurement, Distance and Electrical measurement, Display device

G01B 1/00-G01C 15/14,G01C 19/00-19/72,G01D-G01G,G01K-G01L,G01P,G01R 1/00-33/26,G01R 35/00-G01S 19/55,G03B 21/00-21/52,G03B 21/54-25/02,G03B 33/00-33/16,G04B-G04R,G06M, G08C,G09F 9/00-9/46,G09G,G12B

The 2nd Board of Trial and Appeal (Materials Analysis)

Physical measurements, Mechanical-Chemical analysis, Medical diagnosis, Image diagnosis

A61B 1/00-10/06,C40B 20/00-30/10,C40B 60/04, C40B 60/10-60/12,G01H-G01J,G01M-G01N, G01Q, G01R 33/28-33/64,G01T 1/161-1/166,G01V-G01W, H05G

The 3rd Board of Trial and Appeal (Amusement Machinery)

Amusement machinery control

A63F 7/02

The 4th Board of Trial and Appeal (General Amusement)

General amusement


A63F 1/00-5/04

The 5th Board of Trial and Appeal (Natural Resources and Living Environment)

Agricultural and marine products, Civil Engineering, Construction, Housing equipment

A01B-A01G,A01K 1/00-67/00,A01K 67/033-A01M 99/00,A23K,A45F 3/00-5/14, A47B, A47H, A47K, B02B,B27D,B27H-B27N,B68B-B68C, E01B-E21F, F16S,H02S 20/00-20/32

The 6th Board of Trial and Appeal (Applied Optics)

Photographic material,

Optical element, EL device,

Resin processing

B29B 7/00-11/14,B29B 13/00-15/06,B29C 31/00-71/02, B29C73/00-B29D 29/10,B29D 33/00,B29D 99/00,B33Y,B41M 5/00-5/52,B41M 99/00,B44C 1/16-1/175, G02B 1/00-5/32,G02C,G03C 1/00-1/95, G03C 3/00,G03C 5/00-11/24, G03F 7/00-7/18,G03F 7/26-7/42, G03G 5/00-11/00,G03H,H01L 27/32, H05B 33/00-33/28

The 7th Board of Trial and Appeal (Business Machinery)

Video game, Electronic learning device, Digital photography, Printing, Printer

A63B-A63D,A63F 7/00,A63F 7/04-A63K 99/00,B41B 1/00-B41M 3/18,B41M 7/00-9/04,B41N-B43M, B65H,G03G 13/00-21/20,G09B, G09D 1/00-G09F 7/22,G09F 11/00-27/00

The 8th Board of Trial and Appeal (Applied Physics and Optical Devices)

Optical element, Light control, Optical device,

Energy beam application

B82B-B82Y,G01T 1/00-1/16,G01T 1/167-7/12,G02B 6/00-30/60,G02F, G03B 1/00-19/26,G03B 21/53, G03B 27/00-31/08,G03B 35/00-43/02, G03C 3/00, G03C 3/00-3/02,G03D 3/00-G03F 5/24,G03F 7/20-7/24, G03F 9/00-9/02,G21B-G21K,H01J-H01K,H01L 21/30,H01L 21/46,H01L 31/00-33/64,H01S, H02S 10/00-10/40,H02S 30/00-99/00,H05H

The 9th Board of Trial and Appeal (Automatic Control and Living Related Machinery)

Electric vehicle control, Electric motor control, Fluid control, Household appliances

A41G,A43B-A43D,A44C-A45D,A45F 3/00-3/04,A45F 3/12,A46B-A46D, A47F-A47G,A47L,A61C 17/22-17/40,B06B,B08B,B29D 35/00-35/14, B65F, B67D, D06F,F03B-F03D,F04B-F15D,F16K,F16T, H01M 8/04-8/0668,H02K,H02N-H02P

The 10th Board of Trial and Appeal (Motive Machinery)

Internal combustion engine,

Autonomous driving system,

Electric vehicle control, Fluid control, Vehicle equipment

A62B-A62C,B60K 6/20-6/547,B60K 31/00-37/06, B60L-B60M,B60W, B61L,F01B-F02P,F03G,F23R, G01C 17/00-17/38,G01C 21/00-25/00, G08G

The 11th Board of Trial and Appeal (Transportation and Lighting)

Transportation equipment,

Vehicle equipment, Service machine, Lighting,

Prosthetic-welfare apparatus

A47C-A47D,A61F 5/00-6/24,A61G 1/00-15/12, A61G 17/00-99/00, A61H 33/00-37/00,B60B,B60C 23/00-B60G 99/00,B60J 1/00-B60K 6/12,B60K 7/00-16/00,B60K 25/00-28/16,B60N-B60S, B60V, B61B61G, B61JB61K,B62B - B62K, B62MB64G, B64G, 64G,B68G,F03H,F16M,F21H-F21V,F41A-F42D,G07B-G07G,H05B 31/00-31/52,H05B 35/00-47/29

The 12th Board of Trial and Appeal (General Machinery and Logistics)

Mechanism of transmission,

Terminal device, Braking-machine element, Logistics

B07C,B23P 19/00-21/00,B60K 17/00-23/08, B60T, B61H, B62L, B65G,B66B-B66F,F16B-F16J,F16N-F16P,G05G,H01H,H01R,H01T-H02B, H02G 5/00-5/10,H05F,H05K 3/30, H05K 13/00-13/08

The 13th Board of Trial and Appeal (Production Machinery)

Machine tool, Processing machine, Robotics

B21B-B22D,B23B 1/00-B23K 33/00, B23K 37/00-B23P 17/06,B23P 23/00-B27C 9/04,B27F-B27G, B28D, B30B,B44B 1/00-B44C 1/14,B44C 1/18-B44F 99/00,B81B-B81C,G05B-G05D

The 14th Board of Trial and Appeal (Textile Processing and Packaging Machinery)

Fiber sheet working,

Packaging container,


A41B-A41F,A41H-A42C,A44B,A61F 13/00-17/00,A61L 15/00-15/64, B31B-B32B,B65B-B65D,B67B-B67C, B68F,C14B-C14C,D01B-D06C,D06G-D06N,D06Q-D21J,F17B-F17C

The 15th Board of Trial and Appeal (Medical Device)

Pharmaceutical injection-physical therapy, Therapeutic apparatus,

Prosthetic-welfare apparatus

A61B 13/00-A61C 17/22,A61C 19/00-A61F 4/00,A61F 7/00-11/14, A61G 15/14-15/18,A61H 1/00-31/02,A61H 39/00-A61J 19/06, A61M-A61N

The 16th Board of Trial and Appeal (Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineering)

Heating equipment,

Cooling equipment, Service machine

A21B-A21C,A22B-A22C,A23N-A24F, A47J,B60H,F16L,F17D,F22B-F23Q, F24B-F25D,F26B,F28B-F28G, H05B 1/00-11/00,H05C

The 17th Board of Trial and Appeal (Inorganic and Environmental Chemistry)

Inorganic compound, Ceramics, Vapor deposition, Single crystal growth, Separative treatment, Environmental clean-up

A61L 9/00-9/22,B01B 1/00-B01F 15/06,B01J 20/00-B01L 99/00, B02C-B04C,B07B,B28B-B28C,C01B-C04B,C23C 14/00-16/56,C30B,C40B 40/18,F25J

The 18th Board of Trial and Appeal (Materials Processing, Metals and Electrochemistry)

Metal material working, Metal material,

Electrochemistry, Battery

B22F,B23K 35/00-35/40,C21B 3/00-C23C 12/02,C23C 18/00-C25F 7/02, F27B-F27D,H01M 4/86-4/98,H01M 8/00-8/0297,H01M 8/08-8/2495

The 19th Board of Trial and Appeal (Polymers)

High molecular compound,

High molecular composition

C08C-C08H,C08K-C08L,C09H,C40B 40/14

The 20th Board of Trial and Appeal (Foods and Plastic Engineering)

Food, Polymer treatment

A01J,A21D,A23B-A23J,A23L,B29B 11/16,B29B15/08-15/14,B29C 71/04,B29D 30/00-30/72,B60C 1/00-19/12,C08J 3/00-9/42,C08J 99/00,C12C-C12L,C13B-C13K

The 21st Board of Trial and Appeal (Applied Organic Chemicals)

Applied organic material, Paint/Adhesive,

Separation treatment

A61L 2/00-2/28,A61L 11/00-12/14, A62D,B01F 17/00-B01J 19/32,B05B-B05D,B09B-B09C,B29B 17/00-17/04,C05B-C06F,C08J 11/00-11/28,C09C-C09G,C09J-C11D

The 22nd Board of Trial and Appeal (Organic Chemistry)

Organic compound,

Heterocyclic compound, Dye/Adhesive,

Healthcare information system, Cosmetics

A01N-A01P,A61K 8/00-8/99, A61Q, C07B-C07F,C07H-C07J, C08B, C09B, C40B 40/00,C40B 40/04,C40B 40/12,C40B 40/16,C40B 50/00,C40B 50/04,C40B 50/08-60/02,C40B 60/06-60/08,C40B 60/14-99/00, D06P,G16C

The 23rd Board of Trial and Appeal (Pharmaceuticals)


Pharmaceutical formulation

A61K 6/00-6/90,A61K 9/00-33/44, A61K 47/00-47/69,A61L 15/00-33/18,A61P

The 24th Board of Trial and Appeal (Biopharmaceuticals)



A61K 35/00-45/08,A61K 48/00-51/12

The 25th Board of Trial and Appeal (Biotechnology)

Genetic engineering, Protein engineering, Cell/Microorganism

A01H,A01K 67/02-67/027,A01K 67/033 501,C07G,C07K,C12M-C12Q, C40B 10/00,C40B 40/02,C40B 40/06-40/10,C40B 50/06

The 26th Board of Trial and Appeal (Electronic Commerce Technology)

Business related technology,

Finance/Settlement, Healthcare information system, Database /Language processing

G06F 17/40-17/60,G06F 40/00-40/58, G06Q,G16B,G16H,G16Z 99/00

The 27th Board of Trial and Appeal (Interface)

Man-Machine interface, Data network

G06C 1/00-G06F 1/3296,G06F 3/01-3/05,G06F 3/09-3/16,G06F 5/00-7/78,G06G-G06J,H03M 11/00-11/26, H04L 12/00-13/18,H04L 41/00-69/40

The 28th Board of Trial and Appeal (Data Processing)

Program management, Information security, Memory management, Cable

G05F,G06F 3/00,G06F 3/06-3/08, G06F 3/18,G06F 8/00-17/18,G06F 21/00-21/88,G06K 1/00-7/14,G06K 11/00-21/08,G06N,G09C,G11C, H02G 1/00-3/40, H02G 7/00-15/34, H02M,H04K,H04L 9/00-9/40

The 29th Board of Trial and Appeal (Electronic Device)

Discrete devices, Applied devices, Device process, Cable

H01B,H01L 21/00-21/288,H01L 21/302-21/449,H01L 21/461-27/30, H01L 29/00-29/96,H01L 35/00-49/02,H05K 5/00-11/02

The 30th Board of Trial and Appeal (Video System)

Video signal processing, Television, Still picture, Image processing, Sound system,

G06F 30/00-30/398,G06K 9/00-9/82,G06T,G10B-G11B,H04N,H04R-H04S

The 31st Board of Trial and Appeal (Transmission Systems)

Mobile communication system

H04B 7/24-7/26,H04W

The 32nd Board of Trial and Appeal (Electronic Components)

Element/Circuit, Battery

H01C-H01G,H01M 4/00-4/84,H01M 6/00-6/52,H01M 10/00-10/39,H01M 12/00-H01M 50/77,H05K 1/00-3/28, H05K 3/32-3/46

The 33rd Board of Trial and Appeal (Digital Communications and Electric Power Distribution)

Data transmission, Data network, Transmission circuit, Phone system, Power transmission and distribution

G08B,H01M 10/42-10/667,H01P-H01Q,H02H-H02J,H03B 1/00-H03M 9/00,H03M 13/00-H04B 7/22,H04B 10/00-H04J 99/00,H04L 1/00-7/10, H04L 15/00-27/38,H04M,H04Q

The 34th Board of Trial and Appeal (Designs)

Household appliances/supplies, processed foods and luxury goods, garments and personal belongings, Daily Life supplies, Hobby/leisure supplies, Sports equipment, Stationeries, Sale supplies, Transportation machine, Electrical and electronic machinery, Communication instruments/tools, General machinery and appliances, Industrial machinery and appliances, Civil work/Construction supplies


The 35th Board of Trial and Appeal (Trademarks: Chemicals and Foodstuffs)

Chemical and food, as well as what extended to multiple categories primarily consisting with Chemical or Food

1-5, 29-33

The 36th Board of Trial and Appeal (Trademarks: Machinery and Electric Appliances)

Machinery and what extended to multiple categories primarily consisting with machinery

6-13, 19

The 37th Board of Trial and Appeal (Trademarks: Textiles and General Merchandise)

Fiber and miscellaneous goods, as well as what expanded to multiple categories primarily consisting with fiber or miscellaneous goods

14-18, 20-28, 34

The 38th Board of Trial and Appeal (Trademarks: Industrial Services and General Services)

Industrial service and general service and what extended to multiple categories mainly consisting with industrial service and general service



The Subsections indicated here follow the International Patent Classification (8th Ed.) for the 1st to 33rd subsections, the categories defined in the attached table 1 of the Enforcement Ordinance for the Design Law for the fields 34th subsections, and the categories defined in the attached table of the Enforcement Ordinance for the Trademark Law for the fields 35th to 38th subsections.

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