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Information on Online Oral Proceedings

In accordance with the 2021 amendments to the Patent Law, etc., from October 2021, at the discretion of a chief administrative judge, it has been possible to carry out procedures on the date of the oral proceedings by "a method that enables the parties concerned to communicate while mutually recognizing the status of the other party by sending and receiving images and sounds" (hereinafter referred to as "online") without appearing before the Trial Court (hereinafter referred to as "online appearance"). From 1 October 2021 to 31 August 2022, 58 online oral proceedings (71% of all oral proceedings) were held.

  Patent Utility Model Design Trademark Total
All Oral Proceedings 74 0 6 282
Online Oral Proceedings 52 0 5 158
Rate of Online Oral Proceedings 70% - 83% 50%71%

With the aim of improving the accessibility of the information, we are publishing a collection of materials regarding online oral proceedings on this page. Please refer to this page when using the online oral proceedings.

[Last updated 16 September 2022]


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