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Quality Management Manual for Trademark Examination

The JPO has released the fourth edition of “Quality Management Manual for Trademark Examination” (the “Quality Manual”).

This Quality Manual is designed to document the quality management system for trademark examination that consists of quality management and its implementation system in line with the fundamental principles stipulated by the Quality Policy released in August 2014.

The JPO published the first edition in December 2014, and the contents are updated when the JPO implements new initiatives related to the quality management of trademark examination.

Following a review of its quality management system to deal with changes in the social environment in the COVID-19 pandemic and the DX era, the JPO has revised the Quality Manual.

The JPO remains dedicated to maintain and improve the quality of trademark examination in accordance with the quality management based on the Quality Policy and the Quality Manual.

Contents of the Quality Manual

  1. Quality Management System
  2. Measures within the Trademark Examination Sector
  3. Transacting with external organizations and persons
  4. International Efforts

* When any ambiguity of interpretation is found in this translation, the Japanese text shall prevail.

This Quality Manual is updated when the JPO implements new initiative related to the quality management of trademark examination.

[Last updated 1 July 2022]


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