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The ENISHI magazine features information and reports regarding our follow-up seminars and training courses, as well as articles from our IP Friends(program alumni)regarding the Intellectual Property system in their respective countries. We believe you will find this publication very useful.

縁-Enishi- (No.28 July 2021)

縁-Enishi- (No.27 March 2021)

縁-Enishi- (No.26 December 2020)

縁-Enishi- (No.25 August 2020)

縁-Enishi- (No.24 March 2020)

縁-Enishi- (No.23 November 2019)

縁-Enishi- (No.22 August 2019)

縁-Enishi- (No.21 March 2019)

縁-Enishi- (No.20 February 2019)

縁-Enishi- (No.19 August 2018)

縁-Enishi- (No.18 March 2018)

縁-Enishi- (No.17 November 2017)

縁-Enishi- (No.16 August 2017)

縁-Enishi- (No.15 March 2017)

縁-Enishi- (No.14 December 2016)

縁-Enishi- (No.13 July 2016)

縁-Enishi- (No.12 March 2016)

縁-Enishi- (No.11 December 2015)

縁-Enishi- (No.10 August 2015)

縁-Enishi- (No.9 March 2015)

縁-Enishi- (No.8 December 2014)

縁-Enishi- (No.7 August 2014)

縁-Enishi- (No.6 March 2014)

縁-Enishi- (No.5 November 2013)

縁-Enishi- (No.4 July 2013)

縁-Enishi- (No.3 March 2013)

縁-Enishi- (No.2 December 2012)

縁-Enishi- (No.1 September 2012)

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