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The ENISHI magazine features information and reports regarding our follow-up seminars and training courses, as well as articles from our IP Friends (program alumni) regarding the Intellectual Property system in their respective countries. We believe you will find this publication very useful.

縁-Enishi- (No.32 November 2022)

縁-Enishi- (No.31 August 2022)

縁-Enishi- (No.30 March 2022)

縁-Enishi- (No.29 November 2021)

縁-Enishi- (No.28 July 2021)

縁-Enishi- (No.27 March 2021)

縁-Enishi- (No.26 December 2020)

縁-Enishi- (No.25 August 2020)

縁-Enishi- (No.24 March 2020)

縁-Enishi- (No.23 November 2019)

縁-Enishi- (No.22 August 2019)

縁-Enishi- (No.21 March 2019)

縁-Enishi- (No.20 February 2019)

縁-Enishi- (No.19 August 2018)

縁-Enishi- (No.18 March 2018)

縁-Enishi- (No.17 November 2017)

縁-Enishi- (No.16 August 2017)

縁-Enishi- (No.15 March 2017)

縁-Enishi- (No.14 December 2016)

縁-Enishi- (No.13 July 2016)

縁-Enishi- (No.12 March 2016)

縁-Enishi- (No.11 December 2015)

縁-Enishi- (No.10 August 2015)

縁-Enishi- (No.9 March 2015)

縁-Enishi- (No.8 December 2014)

縁-Enishi- (No.7 August 2014)

縁-Enishi- (No.6 March 2014)

縁-Enishi- (No.5 November 2013)

縁-Enishi- (No.4 July 2013)

縁-Enishi- (No.3 March 2013)

縁-Enishi- (No.2 December 2012)

縁-Enishi- (No.1 September 2012)

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