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JPO Cooperation in Human Resource Development

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) invites trainees for JPO/IPR training courses and long-term researches, as part of its human resource development activities for developing countries mainly in the Asia Pacific Region.

In addition to holding follow-up seminars in the trainees’ countries, JPO provides information in English including issuing alumni magazines and research papers by trainees and posting IPR training course textbooks for the purpose of building a network between the trainees from the developing countries and Japan and exchanging information on the present situation of the Intellectual Property (IP) system in each developing country.

The Outline of This Project

JPO/IPR Training Course

At present, JPO is conducting training courses online and by inviting trainees, according to the objectives and specific details of each course. The courses are designed for government officials from IP offices and other agencies, including examiners working in developing countries, and IP experts of the private sector to enhance their knowledge in the field of IP. For more specific details of each course, please refer to the “Training Programs” stated below.

Training Programs

※ JPO liaises with each National IP Office with regard to the training courses, and the National IP office in your country is responsible for nominating participants to the courses.

Long-Term Researchers

  • Thesis Titles of Long-Term Researchers
    JPO invites trainees from IP Offices or related agencies mainly in the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, and Africa who are expected to play a key role in the future development of IP in these regions. The researchers will stay in Japan for approximately 4 months, develop a research theme based on their knowlwdge of issues concerning their own country's duties. The researchers will investigate and research their past and present experiences in Japan related to the theme under the guidance of the project staff and advice from outside experts. They will prepare a thesis with recommendations for the future development of IP in their countries.


  • Follow-up Seminars
    JPO, IP alumni associations, and IP Offices will organize seminars with the aim of sustaining and following up on training achievements, promoting cooperation among trainees, and supporting the dissemination and awareness of IPR systems within each country.

Textbook and E-learning

  • IPR textbook
    Textbooks used in the training programs for cooperation in human resources development are available. . We have published Intellectual Property Rights textbooks for you to make use of for your work or study.
  • E-learning of IPR
    These e-learning materials have been created as part of JPO's Cooperation in the Human Resource Development Program. Through these materials, users can access videos via web-streaming as well as complete multiple-choice quizzes to check their learning outcomes.


  • ENISHI-IP Friends Connection
    The ENISHI magazine features information and reports regarding our follow-up seminars and training courses, as well as articles from our IP Friends (program alumni) regarding the Intellectual Property systems in their respective countries. We believe you will find this publication very useful.

Intellectual Property Alumni Association

  • IPAA (Intellectual Property Alumni Association)
    Our alumni have established the Intellectual Property Alumni Associations (IPAA) back in their home countries, which help coordinate follow-up seminars organized by JPO, as well as additional activities. We will continue to cooperate with each IPAA to disseminate IP awareness within developing countries in the future.


(photo)Introduction of JPO's Cooperation in Human Resource Development Program

Introduction of JPO's Cooperation in Human Resource Development Program
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[Last updated 23 December 2022]

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