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The Outline of This Project

With the globalization of the world economy, business activities and R&D activities have increased and the importance of protecting IP rights on a global scale is ever increasing.

For the developing countries, it is essential to implement obligations under the WTO/TRIPS Agreement as well as improve the operational structure of their IP systems. In particular, human resources development which underpins these matters is extremely important.

Against this background, since FY1996, the Japan Patent Office (JPO) as part of the technical cooperation under Article 67 of the TRIPS Agreement has supported human resources development in the field of intellectual property for developing countries mainly in the Asian Pacific Region. In the 26 years up to FY2021, 7,377 Trainees from developing countries have completed the IP training program organized by the JPO.

Various textbooks used in the above-mentioned support programs and the thesis written by the long-term researchers are posted on this website. It is also possible to communicate with the alumni and send information through the Facebook.

We hope that many people will use the website and utilize the information provided for promotion activities in the field of intellectual property as well as deepen the understanding of the JPO’s cooperation in human resources development.

The JPO will continue to provide support for strengthening the IP systems in developing countries mainly in the Asian Pacific Region and contribute to their further economic development.

[Last updated 23 December 2022]

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