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New Trilateral Vision statement
under the Trilateral cooperation

April 1, 2021

The Japan Patent Office(JPO), the United States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO), and the European Patent Office (EPO) established a new Vision statement under the Trilateral cooperation and also reached an agreement on its Objectives.

Vision statement

The Trilateral Offices, sharing a solid common history at the forefront of international patent co-operation, endeavour to:

  • coordinate their responses to the current and future global challenges of the patent system,
  • collectively adapt to technical advances and changes affecting the IP environment,
  • advance and strengthen their co-operation with users, and
  • co-operate as a think tank on devising innovative concepts for enhanced collaboration and the sharing, effective use, and leveraging of work products and on continuously optimising the patent system for the benefit of offices, stakeholders and society at large.

*Vision statement under Trilateral cooperation (External link)


This long lasting co-operation is aimed at:

  • taking initiative and jointly driving the development of common approaches to international IP challenges;
  • anticipating and adapting promptly to technological advances and maximising their potential to create benefits for offices and users;
  • considering new concepts for enhancing collaboration and promoting efficiencies between the IP offices including the effective use of work products in order to improve quality and processing times in the patent grant process;
  • strengthening the co-operation with users and collaborating on solutions for a more integrated global patent system and
  • promoting innovation and the benefits of IP to society.

*Objectives of Trilateral cooperation (External link)

[Last updated 1 April 2021]

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