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June 2002
Japan Patent Office

The Japan Patent Office Annual Report 2001 has been published to providing those in other countries/regions with information on patent administration in Japan. The ANNUAL REPORT 2001 English version contains information about JPO policies and basic statistical data extracted from the Japanese version.

Outline of the ANNUAL REPORT 2001

The Japan Patent Office Annual Report 2001 consists of two parts. The first half of this report explain JPO policies. The latter half deals with statistical data.

Table of Contents

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Part 1 Creation of New Industries and the Patent System

Chapter 1 Patent Examinations in the Pro-patent Age

  1. Rapid Changes of the situation that surrounded examination(PDF:66KB)
  2. Prompt examinations in response to diverse needs(PDF:89KB)
  3. Precise examinations to meet expectations(PDF:52KB)

Chapter 2(PDF:113KB) Design Application Trends(PDF:113KB)

Chapter 3(PDF:188KB) Creation of Patent Licensing and Technology Transfer Market(PDF:188KB)

  1. Outline of patent licensing promotion activities
  2. National Center for Industrial Property Information (NCIPI)

Chapter 4(PDF:481KB) Nationwide Promotion of Intellectual Property Education(PDF:481KB)

  1. Support activities

Chapter 5 Prompt and Efficient Settlement of Intellectual Property Disputes

  1. Use of the appeal/trial system, and issues to be discussed(PDF:58KB)
  2. Reform of the judicial system and revision of the Patent Attorney Law (PDF:49KB)

Part 2 Progress of Globalization and Intensification of the International Frameworks

Chapter 1 International Cooperation Issues

  1. Efforts for the construction of a global patent acquisition system (PDF:71KB)
  2. Trilateral cooperation(PDF:38KB)
  3. First Trademark Trilateral Cooperation Meeting(PDF:42KB)
  4. The First Meeting of the Intellectual Property Offices of the ASEAN+3 Countries(PDF:21KB)

Chapter 2 Cooperation with Developing Countries and Countermeasures against Counterfeits

  1. Present situation of cooperation with developing countries(PDF:113KB)
  2. Countermeasures against counterfeits(PDF:41KB)

Part 3 Responses to the Age of E-commerce

Chapter 1(PDF:34KB) Business-related Inventions and Revision of Examination Guidelines(PDF:34KB)

Chapter 2(PDF:192KB) Internet Applications and Electronic Settlements(PDF:192KB)

Chapter 3(PDF:48KB) Establishment of the Industrial Property Digital Library(PDF:48KB)

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