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Patent Examination Case Examples pertinent to AI-related technologies

March 2019
Examination Standards Office

Looking ahead to the development of AI-related technologies in various technical fields, Japan Patent Office created and published Case Examples on AI-related technologies. These Case Examples aim at helping a clear understanding of the determination in examination from the view point of the description requirement and inventive step.

Explanatory materials for Case Examples pertinent to AI-related technologies

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Latest updates of the Examination Guidelines and Handbook for Patent and Utility Model in Japan are available on the following websites.

  • Full text of the guidelines (JP , EN) and the handbook (JP , EN) .

[Reference] The following page would also be helpful to understand the examination of AI-related inventions.

Examination Guidelines on computer software-related inventions pertinent to examination of AI-related inventions

Comparative Study on Computer Implemented Inventions/Software related Inventions between JPO and EPO

Recent Trends in AI/Business-related Inventions

[Last updated 28 October 2019]

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