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The JPO launched the Patent Prosecution Highway using PCT international work products (PCT-PPH) on 29 January 2010.

In this scheme, examination under PPH can be requested using a written opinion established by a certain International Searching Authority (WO/ISA) or a written opinion or international preliminary examination report established by a certain International Preliminary Examining Authority (WO/IPEA or IPER).

Request for PPH

Major requirements for requesting PCT-PPHMajor requirements for the participation in PCT-PPH

  • (1) At least one claim is determined/indicated to be allowable/patentable*1 in the latest WO/ISA, WO/IPEA, or IPER*2.
  • (2) All claims on file for examination under the PCT-PPH sufficiently correspond to those claims determined/indicated to be allowable/patentable in the above WO/ISA, WO/IPEA, or IPER.
  • (3) Examination of the application for which the PCT-PPH is requested has not begun*3.
  • *1 Claim(s) are indicated to have novelty, inventive step, and industrial applicability (See the guidelines of a relevant Office if any observations are provided in Box VIII).
  • *2 The EPO does not accept a PPH request using its own PCT work product. The CNIPA also does not accept a PPH request using its own PCT work product.
  • *3 Some Offices do not have this requirement.

To check which Offices implement the PCT-PPH with the JPO, see the page introducing the Patent Prosecution Highway or the PPH Portal Site.

For requesting procedures, see the page ”Guidelines (Requirements and procedures in detail) and Request form for Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)”.

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