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The JPO launched the PPH MOTTAINAI on 15 July 2011 to ease the requirements for requesting the PPH and increase the number of applications eligible for the PPH.

In this scheme, examination under PPH can be requested at the JPO or its MOTTAINAI partner Office as long as a corresponding application has been found patentable by the counterpart Office, regardless of the Office of First Filing (OFF).

Request for PPH


New cases eligible for PPH under PPH MOTTAINAI

Requesting examination under PPH had been possible only based on the examination results of the Office of First Filing, and this restriction created a wasteful (“mottainai” in Japanese) situation where useful examination results of the counterpart Office could not be fully utilized. To solve this issue, the JPO launched the “PPH MOTTAINAI” initiative along with seven other IP Offices.

To check which Offices implement the PPH MOTTAINAI with the JPO, see the page introducing the Patent Prosecution Highway or the PPH Portal Site.

For requesting procedures, see the page “Guidelines (Requirements and procedures in detail) and Request form for Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)”.


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