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The Step-by-step Guide for Patent

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If you do not have a permanent address or residence (office, if the applicant is a legal entity) in Japan, a legal representative (such as a patent attorney) with a permanent address or residence in Japan must be appointed as a “Patent Administrator” (Article 8, Patent Act). Except for a few exceptions, all procedures must be conducted through your Patent Administrator. The exceptions are filing the initial patent application and paying the annual patent fees for each year, starting with the fourth year, which must be paid by the end of the previous year. However, it is strongly recommended that you appoint a patent attorney as your representative because patent attorneys are extremely knowledgeable about patent laws and the necessary filing procedures to complete the process successfully. In addition, overseas residents cannot submit the documents directly to our Office by any means. The documents have to be submitted to our Office by a representative (e.g., patent attorney) in Japan.


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  • J-PlatPat(External Link)
    You can search patent information on the website of the Japan Platform for Patent Information (J-PlatPat) .The J-PlatPat provides a database of publications of patents, utility models, designs and trademarks. And you can also check the current legal status of each application through this service. Machine translated publications are available in the J-PlatPat database free of charge.
  • FAQs for Searching for Patents, Utility Models, Designs, Trademarks

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PCT International Application

JPO as RO/ISA/IPEA (international phase)

JPO as a Designated Office (national phase)

As for filing to the JPO, please see Filing .

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