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JPO Status Report 2015

特許庁ステータスレポート2015 表紙


Message from the Commissioner(PDF:270KB)


JPO's Major Events in 2014(PDF:651KB)

Part1 Trends of Intellectual Property with Facts and Figures(PDF:897KB)

Chapter 1 Patents(PDF:733KB)

  1. Current Status of Patent Applications and Registrations
  2. Current Status of Patent Applications and Registrations in the World

Chapter 2 Utility Models(PDF:573KB)

  1. Current Status of Utility Model Applications

Chapter 3 Designs(PDF:614KB)

  1. Current Status of Design Applications and Registrations
  2. Current Status of Design Applications and Registrations in the World

Chapter 4 Trademarks(PDF:602KB)

  1. Current Status of Trademark Applications and Registrations
  2. Current Status of Trademark Applications and Registrations in the World

Chapter 5 Trials and Appeals(PDF:586KB)

  1. Current Status of Requests for Trials and Appeals
  2. Current Status of Lawsuits against the JPO for Reverse of Trial/Appeal Decisions

Part 2 Result of Measures in 2014(PDF:4,026KB)

Chapter 1 Examination/Trials and Appeals(PDF:3,014KB)

  1. Patents
  2. Designs
  3. Trademarks
  4. Trials and Appeals

Chapter 2 Efforts All Over the World(PDF:914KB)

  1. Discussions towards Improvement of Global IP System
  2. Deepening of Cooperation with Asian Nations
  3. Expansion of Cooperative Countries

Chapter 3 Enhancement of Information System(PDF:610KB)

  1. Plan for Optimization of Operations and Systems of the JPO
  2. Global Dossier
  3. J-PlatPat

Chapter 4 Promotion of Strategic IP Management and Practical Use(PDF:643KB)

  1. IP Comprehensive Support Counters (One–Stop Solution Counter for Consultation on Intellectual Property)
  2. Enhancement of Consultation Support for Trade Secrets and IP Strategies
  3. IP Finance (Activity towards Promotion of the Finance which Utilizes Intellectual Property)
  4. Fee Reduction/Exemption for Individual and SMEs (Reduction of and Exemption from Annual Patent Fees/Examination Request Fees)
  5. Subsidy for Filling Foreign Applications and Subsidy against Overseas IP Infringements (Financial Support to IP Activity Overseas)
  6. Global IP Data Bank
  7. Dispatch of Experts (Support of IP Management Strategy)
  8. IP Human Resources Development
  9. Efforts through Opinion Exchange Session between Companies and the JPO

Chapter 5 Revision of Act in 2014(PDF:680KB)

  1. Reviewing Laws toward Making IP System More User-Friendly
  2. Considering a New IP System


JPO Status Report 2015 (the whole version)(PDF:4,708KB)

[Last updated 4 June 2015]


Policy Planning and Research Division

Policy Planning and Coordination Department

Japan Patent Office (JPO)


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