The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) is an examination cooperation program between two Offices that allows the applicant to request accelerated examination to the second Office (OLE: Office of Later Examination) following a simple procedure, if a corresponding application has been found allowable/patentable by the first Office (OEE: Office of Earlier Examination).

PPH scheme

Benefits to applicants

Faster patent grant

The applicant can obtain patents faster around the world to build a global portfolio quickly.

Higher grant rate

PPH applications have been granted at higher rates than non-PPH applications.

Lower filing costs

A fewer number of negative office actions issued for PPH applications have resulted in lower filing costs.

The statistics showing these benefits are available.

Benefits to IP Offices

Reduced workload

The second Office (OLE) can reduce its search and examination workload by using the information collected in the search and examination by the first Office (OEE).

Improved examination quality

The second Office (OLE) can improve its examination quality by referring to the search results and examination methods of the first Office (OEE).

How to request PPH

PPH policy

The Offices that attended the 7th Plurilateral PPH Working-Level Meeting held in Singapore in August 2014 agreed on the PPH policy (114KB) proposed by the JPO. Each Office participating in the PPH should endorse and realize the policy to their maximum extent in order to promote the transparency and effectiveness of the PPH.