The five largest intellectual property offices in the world (IP5 Offices) - JPO (Japan), CNIPA (China), EPO (Europe), KIPO (South Korea), and USPTO (USA) - started an IP5 PPH pilot program, on January 6, 2014, that made three types of PPH (Normal, MOTTAINAI, and PCT-PPH) available among the five Offices.

Common PPH request form

The IP5 Offices developed a model common PPH request form and provided instructions regarding the common structure of the request forms adopted by IP5 and differences in some sections of those forms.

For datails, see the web page of the IP5 Offices.

IP5 PPH metrics

The IP5 PPH metrics(309KB) support the IP5 PPH programme and aim to facilitate the optimal quantification of benefits derived from the PPH and the transparent and reliable reporting on PPH procedural data. It should enable applicants to make informed decisions regarding the use of PPH.

Clarification of IP5 PPH requirements

The IP5 Offices have discussed to clarify IP5 PPH requirements to help users easily understand practical requirements at each Office and to enhance the transparency and user-friendliness of the program. The JPO asked each Office for clarification on its practical requirements and reports as follows:

PPH request period
Number of opportunities given to the applicant to correct certain specified defects