Public Relations


August 25, 2015
PPH User Seminar@Singapore
July 16, 2015
PPH User Seminar@Beijing
November 26, 2014
PPH User Seminar@Israel (Tel Aviv)
Program (45KB) Presentation by USPTO (792KB) Presentation by ILPO (936KB)
September 2, 2014
PPH User Seminar@Poland
July 22, 2014
PPH User Seminar@DPMA
October 23 and 25, 2013
PPH User Seminar@Beijing and Shenzhen
August 22, 2013
PPH User Seminar@Singapore
Program (75KB) Presentation by IPOS (110KB)
October 17, 2012
PPH User Seminar@Jerusalem
Program (43KB) Presentation by USPTO (1,138KB)Presentation by ILPO (1,508KB)
February 23, 2012
PPH User Seminar@Tokyo
December 1, 2011
PPH User Seminar@Helsinki
November 30, 2011
PPH User Seminar@Stockholm
November 29, 2011
PPH User Seminar@Madrid
April 13, 2011
PPH User Seminar@Copenhagen
Presentation (642KB)
March 2011
PPH User Seminar@London and Munich
Presentation (1,112KB)
February 3, 2011
AIPLA Mid-Winter Institute@Orlando
Presentation by USPTO (516KB) Presentation by JPO (195KB) Presentation by CIPO (88KB) Presentation by AIPLA (708KB)
July 2, 2010
PPH User Seminar@Tokyo
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JPO (Japan), USPTO (USA)
PPH Booklet (JPO, USPTO)
English (1,361KB)
Japanese (1,414KB)
DKPTO (Denmark)
PPH Booklet (DKPTO)
Danish (775KB)
PPH Booklet (UKIPO)
English (146KB)
Russian (435KB)
SPTO (Spain)
PPH Booklet (SPTO)
Spanish (1,195KB)
CNIPA (China)
PPH Booklet (CNIPA)
Chinese (700KB)
PRH (Finland)
PPH Booklet (PRH)
English (727KB)

If your Office plans to hold a PPH User Seminar or has held one, please complete the template (43KB) and send it to along with any reference materials. The provided information will be published on this PPH Portal.