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JPO Status Report 2017

The "JPO Status Report" aims to promptly convey the JPO's statistical information and results of its policies to the public. The report provides descriptions in Japanese and English together so as to serve as a tool in conveying information to other countries.

The report is accessible on this web page.



Part 1 Facts and Figures on Trends in Intellectual Property(PDF:2,114KB)

Part 2 Results of Measures in 2016(PDF:3,126KB)


JPO Status Report 2017 (the whole version)(PDF:7,614KB)

Chart data files (Excel)

Summary of the JPO Status Report 2017

○ The number of patent applications filed with the Japan Patent Office (JPO) was 318,381 in 2016. While the number of filings have been gradually decreasing in recent years, the ratio of patent registrations by filing year has been increasing. This indicates that applicants have been steadily shifting their IP strategies from quantity to quality. In 2016, 44,495 PCT international applications were filed with the JPO as their receiving office, setting a new record high. In addition around 2.889 million patent applications were filed worldwide in 2015, which was also a record high.

○ In order to support the globalization and sophistication of companies' IP strategies, the JPO has been making the following efforts.

  • Realizing the “world’s fastest and utmost quality examination in IP system”
  • Working on a number of initiatives with IP organizations
  • Supporting improvement of IP system in emerging and developing countries
  • Commencing the Cooperation for facilitating Patent Grant (CPG)
  • Supporting local communities and SMEs.
  • Setting up the “Intellectual Property System Study Group for the Fourth Industrial Revolution”

[Last updated 30 March 2017]


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