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Guide for Making Applications and Drawings for Design Registration

This Guide has been designed to explain a basic outline and typical examples regarding how to prepare applications and drawings for design registration.

As a result of buildings and graphic images being recently added to subject to protection following revision of the Design Act in 2019, new statements corresponding to those revisions have been added and related statements have been reviewed.


Part I Basics of How to Represent the Design in the Application(PDF:275KB)

  1. Basics of the Statement in the Application(PDF:368KB)
  2. Basics of the Depiction in Drawings(PDF:1,619KB)
    • A. Drawings necessary for specifying the shape, etc.
    • B. Drawings for helping in understanding the design and drawings that represent the transparent part (reference views)
    • C. Photographs substituted for drawings
    • D. Specimens and models

Part II How to Represent Partial Design(PDF:768KB)

  1. Statement in the Application
  2. The Depiction in Drawings

Part III How to Represent the Form by Features(PDF:170KB)

  1. Articles having a separable part(PDF:330KB)
  2. Articles having an opening/closing member(PDF:243KB)
  3. Articles having a movable constituent part(PDF:319KB)
  4. Articles having transparent or translucent part(PDF:494KB)
  5. 3-D shaped article with a very thin thickness(PDF:295KB)
  6. Long-length articles(PDF:324KB)
  7. Textiles such as a woven cloth fabric(PDF:446KB)
  8. Designs having an extremely long part(PDF:351KB)
  9. Articles having flocked part or mesh fabric part(PDF:462KB)
  10. Articles whose form is changeable(PDF:370KB)
  11. Wooden toys or building blocks(PDF:248KB)
  12. Combined articles (e.g. playing cards)(PDF:386KB)
  13. Designs for a Single Article that Includes Multiple Constituent Objects(PDF:322KB)
  14. In the Case of a Design Including a Graphic Image on a Screen(PDF:3,070KB)
  15. Building Designs(PDF:2,168KB)
  16. Design for a Set of Articles(PDF:439KB)
  17. Interior Designs(PDF:1,046KB)


Appendix: Examples of the Article etc. to the Design (04.01.2021) (PDF:560KB)

[Last updated 31 January 2023]

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