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Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)

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Purpose and Outline of the Patent Prosecution Highway

The PPH enables an application whose claims have been determined to be patentable in the Office of First Filing (OFF) to undergo an accelerated examination in the Office of Second Filing (OSF) with a simple procedure upon a request from an applicant on the basis of bilateral office agreements.

Purpose and Outline of the Patent Prosecution Highway

The purpose of the PPH is to facilitate an applicant's acquisition of a patent at an early stage worldwide and to enhance the utilization of search and examination results between the IP Offices so as to reduce the burden of examination and to enhance the quality of examination worldwide.

The statistical data of the PPH is here.

Requirements and procedures of PPH (Typical example)

Required Documents

  1. A copy of all claims and its translations
  2. A copy of the OFF office actions and its translation
  3. Copies of all cited documents
  4. Claims Correspondence Table

*In many cases, it is suffice to fill out necessary information in the request form. Actual submittal of documents is not required.

(Please check guidelines of each office’s PPH program)

(Fig.) Required Documents

Fundamental Requirements

  1. The OSF application is in particular relationship with the OFF application*. (e.g. The OSF application is an application which validly claims priority under Paris Convention to the OFF application.)
  2. OFF application has at least one claim that was determined by the OFF to be allowable.
  3. All the claims in OSF application sufficiently correspond to the allowable/patentable claims in OFF applications.
  4. The examination has not begun in the OSF. (This requirement doesn’t exist in some offices.)

PPH petition fee

Free in most offices.

* If the PPH adopts the PPH MOTTAINAI, PPH request is eligible, whether or not the office which provides the examination results is the Office of First Filing (OFF).The details of the PPH MOTTAINAI is here.

The JPO has commenced the PPH programs using the PCT international work products (PCT-PPH) on pilot basis. Under these programs, an accelerated examination can be requested using a written opinion established by certain International Searching Authorities (WO/ISA), a written opinion established by certain International Preliminary Examining Authorities (WO/IPEA) or an international preliminary examination report (IPER) established by certain International Preliminary Examining Authorities. The details of PCT-PPH are here.

How to make a request

See more information about each PPH agreement. “(M)” means that the PPH adopts the PPH MOTTAINAI.

The Five Largest Patent Offices(except the JPO)








Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ is here.

Plurilateral PPH Meeting (Press Releases)

IP5 PPH Initiative

IP5 Offices agree on joint PPH pilot program

The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Portal Web Site

The PPH Portal Web Site is here.

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