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The JPO Quick Reads

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The JPO has been aiming to achieve the world’s fastest and utmost quality patent examinations, so that once applicants obtain patents in Japan, the associated examination results will be upheld overseas to facilitate the smooth acquisition of rights abroad. To this end, the JPO has been implementing various measures focusing on maintaining speed, granting high quality rights, and cooperating and collaborating with foreign IP offices.

In the JPO Quick Reads, TAKAHARA Shintaro, Director-General, Patent Examination Department, will simply introduce the JPO initiatives and information mainly about patent examinations!


Accelerated Examination (29 Sep. 2020)

The JPO offers fast-tracked examination at no extra charge.

Applications filed with both the JPO and at least one foreign IP Office are eligible for the accelerated examination system. The average FA pendency under the accelerated system is 2.5 months in 2019, which is much shorter than 9.5 months under the regular system.

Sometimes we all need examination results as soon as possible, don't we?

For more information, go to
Outline of Accelerated Examination and Accelerated Appeal Examination

Speedy Examinations at the JPO (15 Sep. 2020)

Did you know the pendency of patent examinations at the JPO is much shorter than before?

The first action pendency (FA pendency) is about 9.5 months.
In 2009, the total pendency required three years on average. The JPO achieved to speed up patent examinations, and now, it is 14 months on average including international applications.

Don't you think it's gone pretty fast?

Figure: Total Pendency and FA Pendency for Patent
Figure: Total Pendency and FA Pendency for Patent Examinations

JPO Status Report 2020 Facts & Events 2019 (PDF:1,638KB)

[Last updated 29 September 2020]

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